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Publications - Thales Cryogenics

CEC 2003 – Experimental characterization of a Pulse-Tube Cryocooler for ground applications

Developments on high frequency high heat lift pulse tubes are carried out at CEA/SBT. Based on a previous study on an in line configuration, two new pulse-tube cold fingers have been manufactured: a coaxial configuration and a U-shape configuration. These two configurations were tested with a conventional linear compressor. Measurements performed with the coaxial configuration have demonstrated cooling power in excess of 6 W at 80 K with 140 W of mechanical input power. The results obtained with these two configurations are presented. The impact of the rejection temperature has also been studied and is discussed. In parallel, a new compressor with pistons supported by flexure bearings has been designed and manufactured. This compressor has been coupled with the pulse tube. Tests performed with the new developed flexure-bearing compressors and a conventional compressor are presented and compared. The pulse tube cold finger associated with the new compressor leads to a reliable and low vibration cooler for ground applications.

I. Charles (1), L. Duband (1), J-Y. Martin (2), J.C. Mullié (3) and P.C. Bruins (3)

(1)CEA/DSM/DRFMC/Service des Basses Températures Grenoble, 38054, France

(2)THALES Cryogénie S.A., Blagnac, 31701, France

(3)THALES Cryogenics, Eindhoven, 5600, the Netherlands