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Publications - Thales Cryogenics

Optro 2010 – The RM3 Rotary Cryocooler: One more step in the cutting edge technology of onboard drive electronics

The RM3 is the new development in RM series, thanks to its innovative onboard drive electronics it is now possible for users to extend easily their systems through new functionalities.
During this presentation you will have an overview of advantages and benefits of this onboard digital driver electronics both for the Detectors’Module makers and the End-users. Furthermore you will appreciate the specific performances of the RM3.
SCD, leading manufacturer of Detectors’module has contributed through its expertise to evaluate successfully the RM3, operated by the onboard driver electronics. The results of these new functionalities will be revealed throughout the presentation.
We plan to adapt this onboard drive electronics to the other products of the RM-series. The next generation of small sized camera’s requires increasingly reliable and yet compact Cryocoolers. The customers also need Easy to use & Easy to replace products. We will demonstrate how the RM3 can provide user-friendly solutions to meet these expectations.

Principal Author Didier Balax (1), Co-Author Jean-Yves Martin (1), Co-Author Jean-Marc Cauquil (1), CoAuthor Anne Bourillon (1), Co-Author René Griot (1), Co-Author Laurent Darolles (1) Co-Author Baruch Shlomovich (2)

(1) Thales Cryogenie, 4, rue Marcel Doret 31700 Blagnac, Email: laurent.darolles@fr.thalesgroup.com

(2) SCD Semi-Conductor Devices, Haifa, Israel, Email: baruch_s@scd.co.il

Optro 2010 – High reliability linear cryocoolers and miniaturization developments

Thales Cryogenics has a long background in delivering linear cryogenic coolers for military, civil and space programs.  This cooler range is based on 2 main compressor concepts:  close tolerance contact seals (UP) and flexure bearings (LSF) both using Stirling cold fingers. A major difference between these products is the MTTF, which is for the LSF long lifetime coolers far above 20.000 hrs. Since the introduction of the LPT range consisting of a long life flexure bearing compressor equipped with a non wearing pulse tube cold finger, MTTF figures can go up well over 50.000 hours.
During this presentation an overview of general lifetime influencing parameters will be listed versus the impact on the different cooler types like UP, LSF and LPT. Also lifetime test results from both the installed base and the Thales Cryogenic test lab will be presented. In these results the differences between pulse tube and Stirling cold fingers both combined with LSF long life time compressors will be described.
Recent market requirements ask for increasingly more reliable but compact crycoolers for use in the next generation of small sized camera’s.
New developments at Thales Cryogenics in answer of these requirements will be presented. We will present 2 new cooler types, which are under development. For these coolers the trade-off between size weight and power with optimum reliability will be described.
In addition new developments for very compact linear cooler drive electronics with high accuracy and power density will be described.

Willem van de Groep, Jeroen Mullié, Mark Tops, Daniel Willems,  Tonny Benschop, Hans van der Weijden