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Publications - Thales Cryogenics

SPIE-DSS 2010 – The digital onboard drive electronics optimizes the rotary cryocooler functionalities for your demanding applications

The RM3 is the new development in RM series, thanks to its innovative onboard drive electronics it is now possible for users to extend easily their systems through new functionalities.
During this presentation you will have an overview of advantages and benefits of this onboard digital driver electronics both for the Detectors’ Module makers and the End-users. Furthermore you will appreciate the specific performances of the RM3.

Original publication: Proc. SPIE 7660 .

Didier Balax (1), Jean-Christophe Terme (2), Baruch Shlomovich (3) , Thierry Etchanchu (1), Jean-Yves Martin (1), Jean-Marc Cauquil (1), Anne Bourillon (1)

(1) Thales Cryogenie, 4, rue Marcel Doret 31700 Blagnac, FRANCE

(2) Sofradir, 38113 Veurey-Voroize, FRANCE

(3) Semi Conductor Devices, Hafai, 31021 ISRAEL

SPIE 2010 – High reliable linear Cryocoolers and miniaturization developments at Thales Cryogenics

Thales Cryogenics (TCBV) has an extensive background in delivering long life cryogenic coolers for military, civil and space programs. This cooler range is based on two main compressor concepts: close tolerance contact seals (UP) and flexure bearing (LSF/LPT) coolers. Main difference between these products is the Mean Time To Failure (MTTF). In this paper an overview of lifetime parameters will be listed versus the impact in the different cooler types. Also test results from both the installed base and the Thales Cryogenics test lab will be presented.
New developments at Thales Cryogenics regarding compact long lifetime coolers will be outlined.  In addition new developments for miniature linear cooler drive electronics with high temperature stability and power density will be described.

Original publication: Proc. SPIE 7660

Hans van der Weijden, Tonny Benschop, Willem van de Groep,  Daniel Willems, Jeroen Mullié