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May 2015 - Thales Cryogenics

Successful introduction of SWaP cryocoolers

During the SPIE Defence and Security Exhibition 2015 (Baltimore) Thales Cryogenics has presented their new cryocoolers to the public.

Thales Cryogenics, with more than 40 years of experience in the field of cryocoolers has always been a technology leader in the market. Thales was one of the first producers to introduce flexure bearing technology for linear compressors to the market. This technology, as well as the introduction of high-frequency pulse-tube cryocoolers as a series product, has set new standards for high-reliability cryocoolers.

And now again Thales has introduced new coolers which follow this successful path. The new range of SWAP cryocoolers which are designed for HOT detectors match the requirements for SWAP (Size, Weight and Power). These very small coolers are designed for high power density in the range between 110K and 180K.


UP8197The linear SWAP cooler is named UP8197. This cooler is based upon a new compressor design which operates at a high frequency (> 100Hz). This small compressor, only 30 x 62mm, was designed for maximum power density, efficiency and reliability. To enable use of the UP8197 in camera cores with a small space envelope, a new short Stirling-type cold finger was developed. This cold finger is of the IDCA type and has a diameter of ¼”. The cold finger is based upon the Thales SWAP ¼” (short) IDCA interface.

With a cooling power of 1500 mW @150K@23°C, this cooler covers a wide range of possible applications, making it one of the most flexible/useful coolers useful within the new generation of HOT detectors.

The low-vibrations UP8197 benefits from Thales ‘development efforts on novel low-wearing material and dual opposed-piston compressors, resulting in a baseline MTTF* of 25.000 hours.


UP8497This linear cooler was developed for applications where a higher cooling power is required while still meeting stringent requirements on size, weight and power, delivering up to 1.750mW@150K and up to 600mW @ 80K. With a compressor of just 35x118mm and a standard-format Thales ¼”IDCA cold finger it provides high cooling power and efficiency in a compact “SWAP” package.

Just like its smaller brother it benefits from all the latest Thales’ developments which make it a perfect cooler for applications where low noise, low vibrations, high power density and long life time (baseline MTTF* 30.000 hours) are of essence.


Based upon the iconic RM2 we have developed a complete new SWaP rotary cooler. This new cooler benefits from the proven technology of the RM2 combined with new design concepts. A running prototype has been presented to the public during the recently held SPIE 2015.

This cooler is significantly smaller and lighter as the current RM2 and its competitors and has a very high power density. Due to the use of our RM reliability heritage a cost effective solution for a wide range of applications is now designed. Several parameters of cooler and drive electronics can be tuned to optimize the start-up time and overall efficiency.

The development of this rotary SWaP cryocooler is now focusing on implementation of latest customers’ requirements.

LPCDE1220 drive electronics

LPCDE1220Small footprint (35.7x28mm), highly efficient digital drive electronics has been specifically developed to make optimal use of the high performances and flexibility of the UP8197 and UP8497. Despite its small size, the LPCDE1220 is a full-featured product, includinga serial link for programming and communication, as well as discrete inputs and outputs. While monitoring the ambient temperature it progressively drives the cooler to its programmable set point and guarantees an excellent temperature stability.

Like most of all our other products , these new coolers and electronics are compliant with RoHS.