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Publications - Thales Cryogenics

SPIE 2015 – Miniature cryocooler developments for high operating temperatures at Thales Cryogenics

In recent years there has been a drive towards miniaturized cooled IDCA solutions for low-power, low-mass, low-size products (SWaP). To support this drive, coolers are developed optimized for high-temperature, low heat load dewardetector assemblies. In this paper, Thales Cryogenics development activities supporting SWaP are presented. Design choices are discussed and compared to various key requirements. Trade-off analysis results are presented on drive voltage, cold finger definition (length, material, diameter and sealing concept), and other interface considerations, including cold finger definition. In parallel with linear and rotary cooler options, designs for small-size high-efficiency drive electronics based on state-of-the-art architectures are presented.

Original publication Proc. SPIE 9451

R. Arts (a), J-Y Martin (b), D. Willems (a), C. Seguineau (b), S. Van Acker (b), J.C. Mullié (a), A. Göbel (a), M. Tops (a), J. Le Bordays (b), T. Etchanchu (b), A.A.J. Benschop (a);

(a) Thales Cryogenics B.V. (Netherlands)

(b) Thales Cryogenie S.A.S. (France)