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Publications - Thales Cryogenics

IWC-HTS 2015 – High-reliability and high-efficiency cryocoolers for HTS applications

Thales Cryogenics BV has developed a large range of cryocoolers. Both Stirling and pulse-tube coolers are available for a wide range of tactical, industrial, and scientific applications.  These systems provide cooling at cryogenic temperatures, for which typically liquid cryogens are used. The most obvious reason for using cryocoolers in HTS systems is ease of use. There is no dependence on the use of liquid cryogens that need to be topped up. An actively cooled system can run autonomously without interference for long periods of time.  One should consider life time requirements and vibrations when selecting a cooler solution for HTS systems. The lifetime of a cooler could be an important factor in the overall lifetime of the entire system, and the moving parts in coolers could potentially generate vibrations that disturb the device that needs to be cooled.

Daniel Willems*, Jeroen Mullié, Tonny Benschop, Garmt de Jonge

Thales Cryogenics BV, PO box 6034, 5600HA Eindhoven, The Netherlands