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July 2017 - Thales Cryogenics

New product introduction: Cryo Test Bench

Thales Cryogenics is launching a new product to solve your difficulties in dealing with tests at cryogenic temperatures. The Cryo Test Bench allows for rapid and hassle-free prototype testing for electronics at cryogenic temperatures all the way down to 65 Kelvin.

The Cryo Test Bench is based on technology originally developed for Mirion’s Cryo-Pulse 5 Plus product and incorporates proven technologies.

  • The field-proven LPT9310 Pulse-tube cooler – more than 1200 sold, with a proven reliability far exceeding 90,000 hours MTTF
  • Designed to be compatible with Thales Active Vibration Reduction for vibration-sensitive applications
  • Fully integrated forced air heat sink design, no chiller needed
  • Standard KF-type vacuum flange interface

The industry-standard KF flange interface allows easy disassembly/assembly of the vacuum dewar and enables the use of standard vacuum components, such as windows, electrical feedthroughs and vacuum pumps.

When used in combination with the Thales CDE7232 controller and a suitable vacuum pump, the Cryo Test Bench is a full turn-key solution, allowing you to get underway in testing your cryogenic application, without having to worry about any of the practicalities involved.

Interested? Contact your Thales sales representative today!