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After the successful introduction of the new, DSP-based, Cooler Drive Electronics MPCDE, HPCDE and XPCDE, Thales Cryogenics developed a Graphical User Interface to unlock the full potential of the CDE.

The GUI eliminates the need to learn specific commands yet put easy access to main cooler drive parameters at your fingertips:

  • Monitor the status of the most important variables.
  • Diagnostic tools help you to test and optimize cooler performance.
  • Clear screen graphics and easy printout of the presented data.
  • Simple access using a serial (RS232) port.

Designed to work under Windows  operating systems the GUI presents cool down data of sensor voltage versus time. Data collection extends to multiple days (depending on the hardware used) and a look-up function is available to easily access any sensor data point.
Clicking the cool down plot reveals additional information on AC output voltage and DC input power and current.

In the Expert View, extended control features are accessible. The Slow Start Correction Settings allow to interactively set the parameters governing the profile of the startup curve (ramp-up time, voltage levels of the intermediate plane, dwell time on this level, and ramp-up to final output voltage) by directly dragging the curve to the desired values. The Ambient Temperatures Correction Settings enables to adjust the gain for high and low ambient temperatures.

Three different GUI kits are available:

  • GUI-AC – For use with the CDE7232
  • GUI-DC/1 kit – Includes a passthrough cable, for use with the xxCDE series
  • GUI-DC/2 kit – Includes a breakout cable, for use with the xxCDE series