UP 7088 (LS 10-11)
1900 mW / 10 mm slip-on



  • Baseline MTTF*: 30 000 hour
  • Compressor dimensions: 55×122 mm
  • Cold finger / approx. dewar bore: 10 mm
  • Mass: 1.9 kg
  • Cooling power @ 80K/23°C (Typical)*: 1900 mW
  • Input power: < 50 W
  • Operating temperature range: -52/71 °C

*: Please refer to Whitepaper QE01_Z84
**: Please refer to Whitepaper MTTF01_Z84


The UP-LS series offers a comprehensive and versatile range of Linear Stirling coolers especially designed for cooling detectors in thermal imagers and IR sensors. Several of these cooler types are standard equipped with a patented thermal transfer block (Heatstop) in the cold finger, which reduces the required heatsink capacity at the warm end of the cold finger. The linear compressors can all be combined with several free displacer cold fingers. Both closed cold finger design and dedicated IDCA (Integrated Dewar Cooler Assembly) design are available. Our IDCA design can be specific or in compliance with e.g. SADA II (Standard Advanced Dewar Assembly) definition.

Cold fingers can be equipped with a choice of spring loaded thermal interfaces that combine an efficient thermal interface with flexibility in integration. The manufacturing of the clearance seal bearings of our split Stirling coolers is performed in-house with an accuracy of 1 µm or less over the full length of the bearing. This very accurate initial match between piston and liner adds significantly to the cooling efficiency, while improving the production reproducibility and cooler.