Joule Thomson coolers



Thales Cryogenics supplies a complete range of Joule-Thomson coolers.


We design and produce all Joule-Thomson support equipments (high-pressure bottles, high-pressure relief valve, solenoid valve for the complete cooling line). The Joule-Thomson coolers are specially designed to meet customer dedicated requirements. We produce free-flow JT coolers as well as demand-flow (or self regulated) JT coolers. We produce cryostats in dimensions from Ø 3 mm up to Ø 10 mm Cryostat

Design Features

  • Working cold temperature: around 80K
  • Cooldown time: from 1 sec. to 1 min.
  • High reliability and long storage life
  • Possibility of different working gas
  • Self-regulated or fixed orifice
  • Various heat exchanger shapes
  • Low costs
  • No noise
  • Able to withstand large acceleration
  • Able to withstand high temperature environment>

Support Equipment


  • HP storage bottles:
    • From few cc to several liters
    • From 100 to 1000 bar
    • Sealed for life
    • Full metal or composite
  • LP relief valve
  • HP solenoid valve
  • Connecting pipes
  • Quick release connectors

Support equipment is designed according to customer requirements. It is designed and cleaned to be compatible with the purity required for the supply of J/T cryogenic line.