Thales Cryogenics: European leader in cryogenic coolers

Thales Cryogenics conducts research to develop coolers adapted to the harshest environmental conditions. Our industrial platform allows us to cost-effectively manufacture cryocoolers while adhering to the highest quality and environmental standards. Our product portfolio includes rotary monoblock coolers, linear pulse tube coolers and linear flexure bearing split stirling coolers for cooling small sensors and circuits to cryogenic temperatures.

Thales Cryogenics consists of two entities:

Together, both entities have synergies derived from a common core of technologies and complementary strengths. Thanks to the close-knit relationship between each entity’s commercial and production activities, Thales Cryogenics is now actively involved in most of the major European and international markets. Being part of the Thales Group, Thales Cryogenics has direct access to high-level expertise and advanced technology of the group for military, space and industrial applications.

Thales Group operates in more than 50 countries with 63,000 employees worldwide. Thales Group generated 15 billion Euros in sales in 2016.

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