Mission Statement

“The design, manufacturing and selling of modern cryogenic cooling systems, including drive electronics for cooling sensors and/or small objects in high quality technological systems.”

Thales Cryogenics owes its right of existence to the broad product portfolio for cooling small sensors and/or circuits (less than 15W cooling power) to cryogenic temperatures (<150K). Due to the high level of involvement of Thales Cryogenics in the realization of the final concept and/or integration of the cooling system in the final application, the customers choice will be easily directed towards Thales Cryogenics.

For this purpose, the organization has to have at its disposal :

  • An extended product palette
  • A solid technological background
  • Excellent support to customers
  • Short reaction time
  • Knowledge and skills w.r.t. design, development and manufacturing of drive electronics.


A stable need for the active cooling of sensors and small devices exists in the defense market and a possibly very strong growing need in the civil market is emerging. Both market areas however have specific demands to fulfill. If these demands are met, Thales Cryogenics can realize an competitive annual growth and secured profitability.